In Memory of Carol Hollfelder

From the time she saw her first horse, at 2 years of age, Carol was in love. She started riding when she was 11. Her grace and attachment with horses was amazing to watch. At 18 she was in an accident which caused her paralyses. Although she couldn't ride a horse anymore, she could drive a car. Car racing became her new passion.

Carol first became involved with Gina's rescue efforts before Heavenly Horse Haven existed. Years ago she and Paul were customers at a restaurant and catering business owned by Gina's brother - J&Ds Country Café. Gina would put pictures of PMU foals on the walls of the café that needed a sponsor to be saved. Naturally, Carol took an interest and started sponsoring baby horses that would have been sent to slaughter if not rescued. Her early support helped lay the foundation for what would later become Heavenly Horse Haven. Over the years Carol helped save countless creatures big and small. When Paul and Carol needed to re-home two cats with special needs, Gina stepped in and provided a loving home for both. Loki and Bear are now 14 years old and very happy and healthy living at Heavenly Horse Haven. This of course worked both ways. When Gina came across a bird with funny feet that the breeder was going to put down because no one would want it, she knew better. Gina knew exactly who this bird needed to be with. Carol agreed. Paul took a little convincing, but in the end, Justice prevailed and won Paul over too. Carol and Gina's friendship was one of life, love and empathy for all animals. We loved Carol and she loved us.

"I am so very sad she is gone but I am happy that her and Paul are together again" - Gina

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*** In Memory of Carol Hollfelder ***

Penny Foreman $25

SThomas Grunnah $200

John Calhoun $200

John Carlson $250

Jennifer Moats $200

GREGGREY HOMME $200 "From Kelly, Gregg, Sydney- We will always have fond memories of you. God Bless"

Jenni Fischer $100 "In memory of Carol. RIP"

Waldbaum Family FDN $500

Lila McCall $200

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Testwuide $200

Richard & Gayle Jett $200

Historic Race Circuit of Elkhart Lake $1,000

MaryJo Vollrath $1,000

Monica Letow $100

Carl and Bettye Raglin $300

Michelle Stoddard $250 "In Memory of Carol Hollfelder and her commitment to these beautiful equine beings."

Samuel Genie $100

Bradford Hack $200

Mary Ann Begg $150 "Love you Carol"

Connie & Jack Watson $5,000

Diane Martin $1,000

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